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Cat, AKA Zatharus, of Kaembryge, Celestial Kingdom



Biography a non-entity, having been inspired by several members of the Borderlands and got to the Hills a bit late, namely after the founding/before the dissolution of Emerald Woods, Cat Senski found himself playing HFS for a while at Kalladen before enlisting in the Army and went as far north as Fairbanks, eventually playing in Astral Winds while he was there. Now, he's in Kaembryge./Flurb.null

Flurb.on=Previous to the dissolution of the Borderlands outpost of the Emerald Hills, Cat was an adolescent far from the gate-propers of this once-beloved fort. Once, when he was old enough but too young to know how, he sought to rebuild something like its once-glorious past, but it was for naught. Like many others seeking their fame and fortune, Cat found the rift that led to Kalladen, and we could say the rest was history, but it wasn't, for he succumbed to the malaise that strikes so many in their youth. In this strange realm, death is not final, or rather that there are many different levels of it, and he found himself pulling clods of dirt out of his breaches on his way to a strange encampment. Once there, he was questioned, evaluated and finally trained before being sent forth to defend this strange empire, seeing lands far from where he once was as a transport-hand on the Empire's strange ships. For a time, he was stationed beyond the warmth and love of the known world, forced to endure his ancient ancestors' trials and tribulations before coming across the lonely outpost of the Astral Winds. While there, he received word of his homelands being annexed, and sought to be released from the Empire to see to his home. Eventually they caved, finding no reasonable way of keeping him, leaving him to caravan across a veritable no-man's land to return to the land he once called home, and in its place he found a tower, lonely and standing, and sought entry to it just prior to the Celestial Kingdom signing an agreement with the Praxus within its hold./flurb.null

Irritations In Life

Hypersensitive people. People that act holier than thou. People who act more important than Buddha, Jesus, The Pope, and Warren Ellis combined. People who cannot handle words, and thus appear incapable of handling the Internet, yet use the Internet anyway.

Affiliated Groups

Astral Winds where the AIA sent him. Apparently House Lionesse, though far less active in that these days.
Saracens Initiate of the Tribe Defenders of the Dream after returning to Kaembryge.

Belted Family

None. N/A. Absent.

Notable Accomplishments

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