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Anastashia Lovitar, of Dragon's Keep, Neverwinter

”A wench is a terrible thing to waste, but yummy to taste"



Silverwater is where i made my first start in Amtgard in 1997. Olok Blackstar introduced me to a new kind of role playing. That is where i met my first husband Riz. After we married we moved to Virginia and started going to Sea of Rhye in 1998. Started along with Rizonthalis, Purgatories Paradise in Norfolk, VA in 2000 and earned my Lady title given by Sir Sanchez ( i think ). Was belted to Squire Ironhand in 2000. Left Virginia and moved to Pensacola, Florida. A new shire was being started when Riz and i split up and i moved back to Fort Lauderdale, FL. There i attended Shining South and at times would go to Silverwater and see if anyone was there. Became a Saracen in 2005. Moved to Dragons Keep in July 2006 with my 2nd husband Wolfgar who became a Saracen when i did. I returned my Woman at Arms belt to Squire Ironhand in 2007 and a few months later took a Woman At Arms belt to Squire Samuel under Sir Amren. I ended up becoming the Speaker for the Neverwinter Saracens in 2007 and still am. I am a part of Tribe Widow Makers.

Affiliated Groups

Neverwinter Saracens

Tribe Widow Makers

House Ambigious


And other various Households.

Belted Family

Is WaA to Squire Vince under Sir Amren the Tall

Notable Accomplishments

  • Lady

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