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Squire Zelodie, of Kings Point Emerald Hills

”Have YOU Accepted Pan as your Lord and Personal Satyr?”



Beloved daughter of Pan, Zelodie was raised in relative ease in the realm of Satyrs. That is, until an evil sorcerer power hungry and desperate for minions of skills the likes Kings Point has never seen, summoned Zelodie to do his bidding. Unfortunately, Satyrs are not, in reality, what the rumors make them out to be. Seldom violent, the Satyr is more of the fun loving gypsy type than the take up arms type. Sorely disappointed, he attempted to dispel her back to her home realm. Alas, her innate magic was too powerful for such nonsense and here she remains, causing chaos and mischief with cliché effortlessness!

After reverting into a year long seclusion to sort through her displeasure at being trapped in this oft times angry and repressive realm, she has finally returned. Her vigor renewed and determined to bring drink, song, and smiles to the less jolly creatures (IE humans...), she challenges all so-called monsters to join her in her quest for lawlessness and general rule breaking!

Who dareth accept her call?

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • Kingdom GM of Monsters Summer-Winter 2012
  • Kingdom Regent Summer-Winter 2012
  • Baroness of Kings Point Spring-Summer 2012
  • Keeper of the Spark Jan 2012
  • Best in Show at May-fest 2012
  • Best in the Food Category at May-fest 2012
  • Order of the Mud Reign 48

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