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Squire Wulfrich Fenrirson, of The Barony of Eagleshire, Kingdom of the Emerald Hills

”WHY WONT YOU LOVE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(cue death charge)”


===Wulfrich Fenrirson the wolf blooded Jotun formerly of the wetlands originally got his feet wet at the behest of his friend and now knight Sir Dughan at a spring war some years ago arriving late in the evening with minimal garb no weapons and a cooler full of homebrew, Wulfrich soon thereafter met the one and only Silvertip who forbid him from drinking said homebrew so it may be entered into a arts and sciences competition the following day the trade off being Wulfrich got to drink all the Silver brew he wanted all night long "not a bad trade off" sadly the following morning a storm front came in a full day early flooding the event forcing Wulfrich to leave before he could enter the A@S competition while this might seem like an end for most newbies it was far from such for Wulfrich, he simply tossed his water logged gear back into his jeep dried himself off at a nearby establishment of grease and fried goods and joined Sir Dughan on the road south to attack the parks of Mushroom shrine and Stormwall, soon when able Wulfrich would join Sir Dughan for adventures of violence and revelry till the events of the Fire Giants Invasion of Sir Dughan's home park of Ironwood, being the first time Wulfrich got to partake in a mass battle game it really stuck and despite taking an illegal core shot that kept him off the field for a few weeks Wulfrich took up his Red Belt as a Squire and starting going to parks on his own with out invitation to do so, even going so far to stay part of the game while at TRF geting the kingdom to sponsor an afterhours Fighter Practice it was so loved by some of the shop owners that they installed flood lights to better watch the spectacle, sadly now that he has moved north in his quest for plunder and due to bureaucratic red tape it devolved into a general sign in kingdom only color credit which further fell died this current season (2017) he hopes one day someone can straighten out the politics involved with it and bring it back one day where more than just wetlanders can get credits for participating because Rennies are people too..... unlike Carnnies which have small hands and smell of cabbage.

If you look to find Wulfrich on the field of battle and find your death; either look to where the fighting is thickest or more likely these days your flanks as Wulfrich can be quite sneaky for his size and will exploit holes in lines as he finds them.

territory wise these days he can be found mostly at the Barony of Eagleshire with occasional raids with his Household to Mourningwood Glen and Kingspoint

Affiliated Groups

House Fenrirson (a norse themed fighting and war crafting household)

House Rennie (founding member, a democratic household promoting rennies advancement during the fair season)

House Beard

House Fierce

The Spoonies Household

Saracen FC, Initiate of Tribe Templar sponsored by Kelldor at Draco Wraithborne's request

Belted Family

Knight: Sir Dughan

Man At Arms (Current) Dag

Man At Arms (former) Vance Silverwolf (handed over to Sir Dughan)

Lady At Arms (former) Vruka (retired)

Notable Accomplishments

got the TRF after hours fighting practice started so us rennies wouldn't loose credits during fair season which also lead to house Rennie being formed

was partial inspiration for and received the park level award of Peacock for being too damn pretty

is the Scoutiest scout scout you ever saw

refused to transfer credits for just over a year due to mundane reasons and declared a one man wetlands invasion of the Emerald hills during such time.

wants to know why you dont love him!!!

I make the best damn throwing mugs you have ever seen I will Cite Groch Weir as a witness to this

once pilfered the totem to the monkey god because it seemed like a good idea at the time. Agin i will Cite Groch Weir as a witness

will inevitably set up a drunk ditch field at some point during a large event. drunk ditch is best ditch.

has been known to make Gream and small children cry

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