Wolves of Taranis

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"Amorum Bebende"



The Wolves of Taranis are a militant Household within the Kingdom of the Rising Winds in the game of Amtgard. They share many of the same ideals, traditions, and customs of the Wolves of Cernunnos. The founding members of the Wolves of Taranis, Orlando and Ganymede, were both members of the Wolves of Cernunnos, but moved away from that Pack in 2005, and started up a new Pack in 2009.


Many moons ago, two wolves, Ganymede and Orlando, got separated from the Pack. Through twists and turns in the night they found themselves heading eastward, towards the rising sun. They stopped their journey in the lands of the Rising Winds. They eventually settled into a new home, and though they longed to Hunt with the rest of the Wolves of Cernunnos, they began to meet and enjoy the company of new Spirits. As the friendships grew, these Spirits were adopted into their Family. All that was left was to give it an official name. And thus, in 2009, against the backdrop of Thunderstorms in June, they started a Pack of their own, and the Wolves of Taranis were born.


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