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Shieldmaiden Woman at Arms Eindís Vi∂fari, of Linnagond, Northern Empire

”I find it really interesting in theory. I just don't” Vi∂fari, on the topic of recreating historically accurate garb


Vi∂fari(Vith-FAR-ee) began her Amtgard Career in the Barony of Wolvenfang in 2001. She played regularly and religiously until 2006ish, working her way up to sixth level warrior and third level bard and being paged to Sir Elizabeth Mercades of Goldenvale when life got in the way.

After a ten-year hiatus, she returned to the game as a healer and colour in 2016 and has decided to focus on the A&S portion of Amtgard as opposed to the battle portions. She is now shieldmaiden Woman at Arms to Sir Gwynn, with Sir Liz's blessing, and working on earning her way up the ladder in Dragon and Garbers. Soon enough, she wants to start working on the Owl ladder as well.

Affiliated Groups

belted to Sir Gwynn

Notable Accomplishments

2002: Paged to Sir Liz
October 2016: Paged to Gwynn (with Sir Liz' blessing)
Yule, December 2016: advanced to Shieldmaiden/Woman at Arms to Gwynn

More Information

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