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Thrash, of The Bitter Coast, Crystal Groves.

"That's Baronet Master Thrash, Master Assassin, Savior of the Bitter Coast, the Agent of Death, to you!"

"Thrash, your name is an infinitive verb; to thrash!" - Montag

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Thrash has been in Amtgard since May 2006 with The Bitter Coast. He has, by royal decree, been named Savior of the Bitter Coast. Thrash has served in various offices at the Bitter Coast, namely champion and PM, and has assisted in running park events on many occasions. Thrash has also designed and ran battle games, quests, and tournaments on numerous occasions throughout the Kingdom of Crystal Groves.

Affiliated Groups

Notable Accomplishments

Non-noble Titles

  • Savior of the Bitter Coast
  • Agent of Death

More Information

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