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Stormcrow Giggleshadows the Relentless OFFICIAL, of Ironwood, Wetlands

Ten of Clubs

"When Crow power slides into a charging Silvertip the surrounding impact of explosion is equal to that of the nuclear bomb dropped on Nagasaki"-Lord Berric



I'm sure Crow has some kind of backstory. The most I know is that she'll appear behind you and stab you. Either that, or powerslide thirty feet and gank you in the nads. Either way, she'll apologize immediately afterwards.


From Crow herself: Oh, yeah, I have a backstory. It's...

Affiliated Groups

  • House Draconis
  • House Sorry
  • Rivermoor Foragers
  • 22nd Legion
  • The Broken

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • Can powerslide across an entire field. Seriously, it's like watching bowling.
  • Wears mechs not to protect her knees from the ground, but to protect the ground from her powerslides.
  • While only standing 5'adorable", she'll charge full speed at any sized opponent, including a fully armored Uncle.
    • Is Relentless.
  • Once, during a magic show, picked the same card a dozen times in a row. That card is currently being turned into a belt favor for her.
  • Nobody messes with her, because literally every player at Ironwood is overly protective of her.
  • Can pick stuff that will either be yummy, remedial, or deadly. Knows which one is which... do you?
  • Makes fancy cloaks.
  • Also, she wrote a book!

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More Information

  • Order of the Dragon: 7
  • Order of the Flame: 2
  • Order of the Garber: 7
  • Order of the Griffin: 3
  • Order of the Jovious: 4
  • Order of the Lion: 1
  • Order of the Mask: 1
  • Order of the Owl: 5
  • Order of the Rose: 5
  • Order of the Warrior: 2