Shining Dogs

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a rebuilding chapter, located in Portales, NM



Located in Portales, NM and founded in 2003 by Jack, these people became a shire of Dragonspine on the field of battle during the War with the Burning Lands in 2004.

The Shining Dog numbers grow weekly. We are consistantly seeing Barony size numbers, and our roster now totals upwards of thirty. We are seeing consistent growth. Our new people are interested and our veterans are dedicated. In the past year we have grown from 8 to 24 actives, tripling in 12 months. As our recruiting program kicks in to high gear we will continue to see record growth. Fortuna Alvarte Juvat "Fortune Favors the Brave"

2006 -Shining Dogs dropped its club status with Eastern New Mexico University in September of 2006, so non-students could play a greater role in the direction of the shire.

Time line of name changes


1 /2003/ Darkwater/ ENMU Campus/ freehold

2 /200-/ Darkwater West/ ENMU Campus/ Dragonspine

3 /2006/ Shining Dogs/ ENMU Campus/ Dragonspine

4 /2008/ Heaven's Abyss/ Rotary Park/ Golden Plains

5 /20--/ Darkwater Hollow/ Rotary Park/ Golden Plains


Jack, Jynx Brad Carmin Atnosk

Contacts and Directions

From the old Atlas

We meet on the beautiful Campus of ENMU Portales between the residence halls of Bernalillo and Lincoln beginning at noon and fight until dark. For directions and to set up a visit, contact Jack and he will assist in arrangements. We ask that you please inform us of your visit beforehand so that we can make proper arangements.


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