Ruby Roisin

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Ruby Roisin started playing in Emerald Academy in march of the year 2013. She moved into the position of Chancellor after 1 year of attending in which her term earned her the title of Mistress.

She moved to Dragon's Hollow in April of 2015 and has since then become Chancellor. During this term Dragons Hollow was elevated from a Barony to Duchy in which she solely wrote the Elevation Packet for it. This very packet is now being used, by the Principality of Winter's Edge, as a standard for park elevations and earned her Lady title.

In Feb of 2016 she became the Vice President of the Principality of Winters Edge B.O.D. She was Paged by Lord SimiaVir on 2-18-2016 and officially became a part of Sir Shalazar Bastion's Belt Line.

When the Principality of Winters Edge organized into regions, she was a front runner on making sure the new system was implemented correctly. In doing so helped create and run multiple 3 day events one of which is now on its 4th installment known as The Wyld Hunt. The first year she was Aine, the Summer Queen, but she has sense played as Maeve, the Winter Queen. She is one of the founding members of the 7 member committee that ensures this event is continued the next year around.

All around amazing individual.

She has since created more excel documents for use in Amtgard including the Park Audit (Park Elevation) sheet, an Event Budget sheet, and a Spell List sheet. All three of these along with powerpoints explaining how to use the audit and event budget sheets are provided in the link below.



Google Sheets Templates

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Home Park Dragon's Hollow
Kingdom Kingdom of Winter's Edge
Year Started 2013
Noble Title Lady
Belt Status MaA