Pirates of the Rusty Chain

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The mangiest crew (fleet?) of pirates in the north. Maybe the whole world, they're working on it.


Captain Red Hand began piecing together his crew of scurvy dogs at GE VII and started pillaging and raping in true pirate spirit almost immediately. The raunchy group originally consisted of Captain Red Hand (Adorth), Timmothy, the first mate (Ce'dar), Charlie Pearls, the cannoneer (Sassafras), Sphen, the carpenter (Brother Vin), Wizzy McFlurb, demolitions (Ducryus), Darlene, the wench (Rowan), Poulet the Goblin, cannon fodder (Colin Archibald), Scouty McPlunder, the lookout (Nathanial).

Good times followed for the rag-tag group of skallywags. Cook the cook (Cy), Old Salty, the old guy (Draxenn), and Sloppy the second mate (Nyrious) joined the crew. Scouty McPlunder betrayed the crew to join another pirate crew... and will die for his insolence. Darlene unfortunately met her end "falling overboard," Charlie Pearls insists to this day that she had nothing to do with the "accident". Shortly after this incident, Wizzy McFlurb picked up a familiar in the form of an extremely rude parrot named Squak (Rowan).

Current Crewmen (Mangy Dogs)

Adorth - Red Hand - Admiral/Captain

Ce'dar - Timmothy - First Mate

Sassafras - Charlie Pearls - Cannoneer

Brother Vin - Sphen - Carpenter

Ducryus - Wizzy McFlurb - Demolitions

Rowan - Squak - Parrot

Colin Archibald - Poulet the Goblin - Rowboat Captain

Cy - Cook - Cook

Draxenn - Old Salty - Old Guy

Nyrious - Sloppy - Second Mate