Outlaw Point

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Outlaw Point, Freehold

A defunct Freehold of the Burning Lands, located in Carlisle, PA



The group was formed after the split of Eagle Valley. Those members that left Eagle Valley decided to start their own group, called Outlaw Point. They started playing here at Outlaw Point in October 2007 and received contract for Freehold status in early December 2007.


A small but diverse group of Amtgarders ranging greatly in experience. Some of their members have been in Amtgard since the mid '90s some of them have been in Amtgard less than a year. "We have a lot of wisdom in the game and have a lot to teach people. You wont see rules lawyering here, we play the game to have fun."

Role Play


Outlaw Point is mostly a neutral free hold. We do have our laws and will enforce them if you are caught breaking them, at the same time we dont have many laws. Right now we hold no allegance to anyone, everyone is welcome to come here no matter the race or nationality. Bounty hunters or enforcers of other places laws must first speak to either the Sheriff or Prime Minister and obtain permission and proof before making any arrests within our freehold's lands. The area around the freehold is known for its demons and monsters. The gates of Hell are not too far away but there havnt been any monster or demon attacks all winter, we expect that to change soon. Also, all pirates are welcome.


  1. There is no fighting within city limits, those caught doing so will be subject to a tax of 100 gold and a day in jail
  2. Murder is punishable by immediate death unless done in self defense, then the surviving person is subject to law 1
  3. City Guards are your judge, jury and executioner so if you are caught doing something you best have a fast tongue or a fat coin purse
  4. Stealing is punishable by separation of ones right hand from their arm. Afterward we may or may not re-attach it. repeated offenses will result in removal of other hand and going up from there to eventual death.
  5. Rape is punishable by separation of ones sexual organs from the body. Afterward we may or may not put them back.
  6. Attacking a guard is not only stupid but we will not be held responsible for disfigurement, loss of ones gold and belongings and/or death.
  7. We have people of many religions here, any attempt to force ones beliefs on another is subject to immediate expulsion from the free hold, with or with out any of your belongings, intact bones or life.

again all are welcome here at Outlaw Point. We hope you enjoy and survive your time here.

Contacts and Directions

Outlaw Point meets every Sunday at around one. It is located at Thornwald Park at 350 Walnut Bottom Rd, Carlisle PA 17013. If you are on 81 south, exit on exit 45(Walnut Bottom rd) and make a right, the park is 1/4 mile down the road on the right. 81 north, exit on exit 45 (Walnut Bottom Rd) and make a left, the park is 1/4 down the road on the right. If you are coming from the PA turnpike, get off on the Carlisle/Highway 11/harrisburb pike exit, Make a right on 11/harrisburg pike. Go into town, the street turns into S Hanover St, Make a right on Walnut Bottom Rd, the park is on the left hand side after the stop lights. Once a month we try to also go to the Kingdom of Crystal Groves as we have many friends there.

Contact: WaA Trenth email- dancingdopehat@yahoo.com

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