Onyx Hydra Legion

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Onyx Hydra Legion, Freehold

A defunct Freehold of the Burning Lands, located in Moline, IL.




Last Known to be active 2007-10-07. Known to be inactive May 2008.

for the most part we are inactive. mainly due to the fact that out of our small roster of people who participated some have moved, some have joined the armed forces, others have just been uninterested. plus our usual park is by the rock river in moline, which is about 3 feet below water right about now, i think. i believe that we are starting to find out who is still interested in it and are gathering the troops, so to speak, and then we will get our collective butts in gear. stay tuned to the list and it will be announced when it will start up again full swing -(April 2008) OHL List.


Contacts and Directions

we meet sundays at 2:00 and tuesdays for a&s 6:00.

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