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Overlord Mittens, of Greenharbor, Polaris


Mittens first joined Amtgard in June of 2012. In the very beginning it was clear that barbarians were the fiercest, most powerful class, so that is what she became. Over the last year she has fought in various tournaments to test her skills against others. Mittens has also entered many items in Arts & Science competitions, often pulling high scores for her cooking, sewing, and paper craft.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • In the spring of 2013, Mittens and a troupe of fighters fought a mighty dragon. Mittens struck the final blows that brought the dragon down. In a barbarian blood rage, Mittens ripped through the dragon's chest cavity and tore out its heart. She then proceeded to devour it in a single gulp. She now holds the Dragon Heart [[relic].
  • Given the title Baronetess by Sir Queball 12/6/2014
  • In 2017 Mittens swept the Ice Haven Weaponmaster and was given the suffix "the Butcher" by Lumpy.
  • Champion of Polaris Winter reign 2019-2020

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