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Baron Milan, Master Bard of Siar Geata within Westmarch

”Okay, here's the plan”
"Most Assuredly"

AKA Milan of Amber (Milan d'Ambre if we're flurbing it up)
AKA Mr. President
AKA Captain


Milan started playing Amtgard in Oregon in Iron Keep under VSR. More of a Politician than a field fighter, he attempts to do all the little things that allow a holding to continue to meet, grow, function, and play. With the release of V8/V9, he has absolutely no idea how bard works anymore.

Dirty southpaw bastard. ( I take this as a compliment )

Affiliated Groups


Belted Family

You know, I honestly forgot.

Notable Accomplishments

  • Has autocratted amtgard's presence at several Ren Faires in his time.
  • Jumped off a rather large bridge at Iron Keep when a "Visit" went poorly.
  • Awarded Lordship by Prince Euric of Westmarch in April 2008.
  • Has served in the past as Guildmaster of Bards and Monsters on various occasions.
  • Raided Shrouded Valley by himself
  • Sheriff / Baron August '08 to February '09.
  • Sheriff of Sunset Cliffs for 24 hours
  • Literally forgot how he became a Baron
  • Passed the worlds greatest audit ever.
  • Barded for over a decade in two kingdoms and was able to get a Paragon Bard/Master Bard out of the deal.
  • Hosted a Coronation at his house
  • President of Westmarch BoD for 2023 & 2024.
  • Prime Minister for dutchy of Siar Geata 2023

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More Information

Was a lord. Now a Baron. Always a Bard. Not so secretly loves Admin.

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