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Squire Matty Hellsfire, of Mithril Hills within the Kingdom of Northern Lights

”Can you show me how you threw that shot?”



Matty joined with his father Wolfmane in late 2006. Given special permission to start fighting before he was 14 years old, he has always been drawn to fighting. He originally played off and on, along with his dad, for the first few years getting active full time in late 2008. Matty quickly excelled in the fighting arts, looking to learn from anyone and everyone who will teach him. He has also been involved with service work, and dabbles in arts and sciences, but mostly his focus is on excelling as a fighter.

He briefly spent some time squired to Ser Tseng, however, it was determined after a few months that he would be better suited as a Man-at-Arms to the local Warlord Darth Shyden. He received his Squire's belt from Warlord Darth Shyden at SKBC 2015.

Affiliated Groups

Legacy - Apprentice

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

5th Order of the Warrior

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