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-Leeskra Takeda-
Yar har a Wench's Layfe fer Meh!
Chapter Crying Heavens
Kingdom Neverwinter
Started 2005
Noble Title Peasant
Belted Status Wench belt!
Belted Under Many a lady at night... ^.~
Contact Information
E-Mail Leeskra@gmail.com
Phone Rather not, meet me on the shire first!

Leeskra of Crying Heavens, Neverwinter


Short Story!

The story of the wench that joins Azurea on her adventures.... [Will go into background much later]

When she came upon Crying Heavens, she was a Wench Pirate under Captain Sydian in the Endbringer Pirates crew. She has a fondness for alcohols of different sorts, and learned to be more into debauchery as time continued. The crew consisted mainly of Captain Sydian, his first mate (and her closest Wench partner) Azurea, Yar (whom only spoke Yar) and his translating monkey... The crew had a few wenches rotate in and out, a few assassins including amongst the greatest in the Shire, Andronius, and even their own wandering smith named Old Man Smithy!

The way the crew ended up in the Shire was that they lost their ship in a horrific battle at sea against a Kraken. Most of the crew was killed, and their ship was destroyed. Leeskra was found alone amongst the ruffage of some planks seeming a bit off due to her defending the Kraken, speaking on its behalf. Apparently, despite her off manners and conversation, she did in fact learn to speak with the Kraken. She now speaks Kraken-ese. She speaks no other animal or monster tongue as of yet.

The Endbringer Pirates chose to conflict against The Horde for a great time, and eventually there was too much battling. The crew broke apart shortly after the a great party war including Tear of Blood and the Horde. Azurea and Leeskra had followed their deity, The Shiny-Haired God under promises of "Fire-Water" once Captain Sydian and his comrade Yar abandoned the Wenches to search for the Kraken that nearly destroyed their crew, and most certainly destroyed their ship. Yar had no other reason than to leave for certain death with Sydian as his monkey had hung itself, and no one understood him much anymore.

Leeskra found herself in many a different bed after she lost Azurea, including a land of silks and rice 'wahynes' that left a peculiar aftertaste, yet no hangover! She relished this land for much time, until she recalled her lost mate, Azurea, and wandered back into the lands of Crying Heavens... but remains in hiding.

Being a Chaotic Neutral, and having hit the wrong chords thus far with the greatest wizard of the land, Mortis, she chooses to observe the slowly regrowing shire and aid it to her best ability... if she's not distracted too much by the new Church's wine, and their lovely priestess Aruza....

Strangely, a lady strongly resembling Leeskra, calling herself Arskeel is wandering the lands - who knows what side she chooses. Apparently she favors debauchery and wine even more than Leeskra did, and follows the practices of "Moremen" (although she follows "MoreWoman" as well!), and has thus far three husbands, and is looking for wives! No jealous types now!

-update- Apparently... Arkseel has drifted off into the cellars of the local Church recently overtaken by Mortis with a more diabolical aura than normal. Leesark wandered into the realms briefly recently, presenting her presumptious goody-goody head at the cries of fair maidens in distress, and an urge to rid the land of its reknown drunkard.

These personas appearing in the shire, all masked... All are coming into question and light as Leeskra made her first appearance to Azurea, but is becoming harder to keep track of. What is wrong with Leeskra...? Something may have happened on her journeys after her crew's second tragic mishap with the loss of their captain, mute barbarian, and monkey....

(Leeskra doth lie, this is not a short story!)