Laughing Ronin

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Laughing Ronin, Freehold

A defunct Freehold of the Burning Lands, located wherever in the Florida East Coast they want to be that Sunday. Listed as Jacksonville, FL.


Thanks to spearweasel for the image.



As of April 9th, 2009, Laughing Ronin is an approved contracted Shire. While still a freehold, our first big event was Neverwinter's spring Midreign of 2009. Much fun and ditches were had by all.

As of June 27th, 2009 the entire Ichihama region and Yuurin region has left Amtgard. Meetings have been put on hold until the sheriff can figure out what the hell to do.


Aloysia "Saint" Maverick (Chamberlain - Monk - Kurokawa Region)

Monkeyboy (Assassin - Yashikishi Region)

Tenkai (Wizard - Yashikishi Region)

Kochou (Assassin - Origins unknown)

Sadira Izdihar (Color - Kurokawa Region)

Note: Region refers to the diverse places our players come from. Ichihama (First Beach) refers to Cocoa Beach, Kurokawa (Black River) to Jacksonville, and Yuurin (Deep Woods) to Southern Georgia. Newest region is Yashikishi (Palm Coast) and has two members, both the younger siblings of Saint.


Aloysia "Saint" Maverick

(Dark Saint)

Default Sheriff of Laughing Ronin

All documents, missives, and correspondence go directly through Saint.

Contacts and Directions

Aloysia "Saint" Maverick

[email protected]

Schedule of meeting:

Note: Aloysia "Saint" Maverick can be found any given Saturday crashing at North River at Tillie K. Fowler Park in Jacksonville Florida at noon.

Meeting has been placed on hold due to a large number of players leaving.