House Maverick

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House Maverick

”More Amtgarders = More Fun!”

"In Service to the Dream"


A household dedicated to fostering the growth of Amtgard in Florida by organizing events and demos geared towards new players. This includes not just getting new players but encouraging them towards pursuits within Amtgard, be it to be a better fighter, learning arts and crafts, volunteerism, etc.

House Maverick was founded by Aloysia "Saint" Maverick and Sadira Izdihar.

To make things easier, we tossed ranks and just decided to let everyone choose a tarot card as a designator.

Members and Cards

The Devil: Houselord Aloysia "Saint" Maverick
The Empress: Houselady Sadira Izdihar
The Justice: Cyrus
The Lovers: Damien Logos
The Star: Eos
The Hanged Man: Bones
The High Priestess: Rav
The Hermit: Vorend
The Angel: Eothyll
The Wheel of Fortune: Inukai
The Tower: Alvies
The Fool: Decker
The Death: Alik Maverick
The Moon: Shadow
The Strength: Tye Dye
The Chariot:

Uncarded Members

Aesith Maverick
Alsace Maverick
Red the Druid
Brude - Kitchen Ninja

Affiliated Groups

Kestrel Keep, a freehold chapter based in Gainesville, FL.


Notable Accomplishments

First Event Hosted by Maverick: Eastern Shores held in Flagler Beach, FL. on June 27th, 2009.

Order of the Flame presented by Queen Covina 23 Jan 2010

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