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Paragon Warrior Lady Heron Lamana of Greenwood Keep, Champion of Northern Lights

"Yes, like the bird.”

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Heron attends GWK park days, craft nights, and fighter practices. She primarily plays Warrior, but dabbles in Healer, Bard, and Wizard. She enjoys running and playing battlegames and making stuff. Heron started playing Amtgard on September 3rd of 2016, and plans to continue for the foreseeable future.

She runs a blog to teach the warriors of her kingdom (and elsewhere) about how to play the Warrior class.

Affiliated Groups

Fighting Company: Golden Lions (Cub)

House of Comforts

House Snowflake

House Lionesse

House Fierce

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

Paragon Warrior

Awarded the titles of Lady and Esquire.

Northern Lights Wyvernmaster (Winter 2016) Blackspire Dragonmaster (Winterbash 2018) Northern Lights Dragonmaster (Winter Midreign 2018)

Once Champion and twice Regent of Greenwood Keep. Currently the Northern Lights Guildmaster of Warriors for her fourth term, and having fun with that.

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