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All pages on AmtWiki, with the exception of certain admin-protected pages, have an Edit tab at the top which allows you to edit the current page. You click on this tab and add information, change incorrect facts, and correct grammar and formatting.

How To Edit

When you click on the Edit tab, you will be taken to an editing window that contains the text displayed on the screen. Here, you can add or change text, and then click the Save Page button to save your work and update the Wiki page.

Edit Summary

When you make an edit to a page, it is good etiquette to put an explanation of your changes in the Summary box. This is found right below the editing window, below the copyright notice. For example, if you changed someone's title or belted status, you could simply put "title". This helps admins, who review all AmtWiki changes, know what has been changed.

For small edits, like grammar and punctuation errors, logged-in users can check a box right below the Summary box to indicate that this was a minor edit. This is shown under recent changes as indicated by a lowercase "m".

Show Preview

Next to the Save page button, there is a second button called Show preview. You can use this button to display a preview of your changes up to the current point. This is a very useful button, as you can see if your formatting is correct without having to Save page multiple times. When you press the button, you will be shown text that says, in red, "Remember that this is only a preview. Your changes have not yet been saved!", followed by a preview of the current page, followed by the editing box. You can press the Show preview button multiple times as you continue to edit the page.

Show Changes

To the right of both the Save page and Show preview button is a third button, titled Show changes. You can use this button to display a comparison of changes between the previous save and your current edits.

Clicking this button will display two columns. The one on the left is titled "Latest revision", and will show the last save version of the page. Red text here indicates things that have been deleted or moved since you began editing. The one on the right is titled "Your text", and shows the edits you have made. Red text here indicates things that have been added or moved since you began editing. Below all of this is the editing box, so you can continue to make changes if desired.

Save Page

When you are ready to save your page revision, click on the Save Page button. This saves your work and makes it visible to other AmtWiki users.

Editing Tips

Line Breaks

Unlike in word processors like Microsoft Word, pressing the enter key once between paragraphs will not create a new paragraph in the final version. Instead, you must have a full, empty line between lines to start a new paragraph. Alternatively, you can put the
tag at the end of your line without needing to insert a line break.

Leaving Comments

If you want to leave a comment for other editors that can be seen in the editing window, but will not show up on the final page, you can leave inline comments by putting the following wherever in the text you need it:

<!-- This is a comment -->

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I link to another page, redirect one page to another, or link to an external site?

A: For information about internal or external linking, see the Linking page.

Q: How to I make text italicized/bold/big/small, add headers, or otherwise change the look of the text?

A: The Formatting page explains all of this, and more.

Q: How to add infoboxes for my park or player, or update my beltline?

A: These are what are called templates, and are indicated by {{Template Name}} when editing pages. For information on how to make, add, and edit templates, see the Templates page.

Q: What do I do if I get an "Internal Server Error" with the last line of "Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request."?

A: After some exploration, this seems to be caused by a single paragraph in the overall article being too long. If you can determine just where the problem lies (a process that requires finding which paragraph, and then exactly where the server objection is triggered), you can break that paragraph into two or more and solve the problem.

Q: Who can I ask if I have other questions not covered under this article?

A: You can contact an admin for more help. You should check out this article on E-Sam, which is a few years old but covers most of the AmtWiki basics.

Q: How do I redirect a page to another page?

A: When editing the page (PageA) you wish to redirect to the second page (PageB) make sure the only text is: #REDIRECT [[PageB]] Please remember not to redirect to another redirect page.