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Squire Gryffyth, Northern Holdfast , Iron Mountains



Gryffyth joined Amtgard in August of 2014. He began playing as a Healer, taking the class to 6th level before moving onto Scout and then Warrior as he collects and crafts more armor.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Gryffyth is Squired to Sir Quiet

Notable Accomplishments

  • Has held the position of Quartermaster for the Northern Holdfast twice since joining Amtgard.
  • Took 2nd place in the Northern Holdfast's Sapling Tournament on May 15th, 2016
  • Order of the Rose:4th
  • Order of the Warrior:3rd
  • Order of the Lion:1st
  • Order of the Owl:3rd

Attended Events

Rakis 2015 A Flying Rakis.

Rakis 2016 All Roads Lead to Rakis.

Gathering of the Clans XXXIV 2016


More Information

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