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Warlord Sir Farix Firebrand of Knight's Rest, Tal Dagore


Started fighting Belegarth in 2010, Started Amtgard in 2014. "When I was first dragged out to Amtgard by Tisco after coming up in Belegarth all I wanted to do is ditch and spar, eventually I realized the game had alot more to offer but it took me awhile to get that." -FARIX 2019

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Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • Weapon Master of Tal Dagore (2018)
  • Defender of Rivermoor (2019)
  • Warlord (2021)
  • Paragon Assassin (2022)
  • Master Gryphon (Sept 2022)
  • Knight of the Sword (January 2023)

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