FARIX Firebrand

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FARIX Firebrand
Farix profile.jpg
Home Park Knight's Rest
Kingdom Tal Dagore
Year Started 2014
Company Altan Sar
Noble Title Baronet
Belt Status Knight of Battle
Sword Knight
Farix heraldry.png

Warlord Sir FARIX Firebrand of Knight's Rest, Tal Dagore


Started fighting Belegarth in 2010, Started Amtgard in 2014. "When I was first dragged out to Amtgard by Tisco after coming up in Belegarth all I wanted to do is ditch and spar, eventually I realized the game had alot more to offer but it took me awhile to get that." -FARIX 2019

Affiliated Groups

Altan Sar

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • Weapon Master of Tal Dagore (2018)
  • Defender of Rivermoor (2019)
  • Warlord (2021)
  • Paragon Assassin (2022)
  • Master Griffon (Sept 2022)
  • Walker in the Middle (January 2023)
  • Knight of the Sword (January 2023)
  • Knight of Battle (July 2023)

More Information

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