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Erioc, of Nowhere Mountains, Winter's Edge

”I'm not that old'



He learned about Amtgard from a random internet search in 2001 and decided he needed to see this game in action. For two summers he made a three hour round trip to the now defunct Drakenwulf Myre shire every other weekend. Eventually tiring of the long drive and paying six tolls (thank you West Virginia Turnpike)he started work on founding a shire in Princeton, WV.

After founding Mist Dragon Falls he began trying to recruit friends and other locals to join in the fun. Met with resistance from local authorities and increasing disinterest from the other members and locals, he gave one last attempt to get Amtgard onto the campus of a local college. Since he had already graduated and was no longer a student he was turned away.

After leaving Amtgard for some time he once again found himself on the field, oddly enough at the college campus that had turned him away. He served a few terms as Sheriff and Regent before having to leave the game once again. As fate would have it, Nowhere Mountains has started playing again, and in the same park where Erioc tried to start his first shire.

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