Eastern Pine Camp

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Amtgard Chapter
Eastern Pine Camp Arms
Eastern Pine Camp
Kingdom Freehold
Status Shire
Region Covered New Jersey
City Wrightstown, NJ
Founded 2020
meets on Saturdays @ noon
Active Active

Eastern Pine Camp

A Freehold located in Wrightstown, New Jersey.


Founded in June of 2020 by Adler Burblson and Ayame. Eastern Pine Camp began meeting June 21st of 2020, at Crowshaw Park in Wrightstown, NJ. In October of the same year (due to the COVID Plague) The Freehold was forced to flee oppressive local edicts by beginning to meet on the local Joint Base Mcguire-Dix-Lakehurst, as all of the members were military members from the Base.


  • Monarch: Adler Burblson
  • Regent: Ayame
  • Prime Minister: Stenvar
  • Champion: Caligae
  • GMR: Grace Kiellia

Contacts and Directions

Eastern Pine Camp meets on Saturdays at noon on Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst's Falcon Courts North Area on the Patriot Park field. This seems to be changing all the time due to the state of *gestures at everything* so please follow the like at the bottom to our Facebook Group and ask on there what the plan of the month is.

-Recorded thusly by Fantom Bane Master of Runes

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