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Sir Dughan, of the Wetlands

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Long ago when the Wetlands was just barely a kingom of a year and a half i joined as king Draegon was stepping down and king Sable stepped up to the throne. I have been in this kingdom for at least 12 years now finally attaining the honors of a Knight of the Serpent. My home park is the Barony of Ironwood which is located in Conroe Texas. I have done my best to achieve my two lords titles. The first one being a fluff title of lord of the drum and the second for actually being noticed of the things i have done for my barony for the last couple of years. I am sixth level in about everything by now after 12 or so years except for assassin and druid and of course the two paladin and Anti-Paladin classes. Im working on those finally.

I try to help bardics out and run a really good drum circle most of the time. In such the Wetlands has been known the past three years for its drums at events. But i have alot of help in the circles from Duke SilvertipofDragonstorm, Squire Sebastian of Crimson Moon, Amaranth Talmage of Ironwood, Lego of Dragonstorm and a few others that come and join in the fun. I have tried my best to promote the best in musicians and drummers in our kingdom though we're not known all that well for having singers. more to come......

Affiliated Groups

  • Landcrest Fighting Company. Captains- Sir Vincent Landcrest, Sir Zane, and Sir Luke Wyngarde
  • W.A.C.-Other kingdoms nobility and kings fear this group. Imagine a near mafia like organization within the wetlands that kill off other kingdoms kings for fun and alcohol.
  • Valhalla's Chosen-A flurby but fun Viking household in which i am cheiftan
  • Sons of Odin- a defunct household of norse warriors
  • House Onishi- not sure if this is defunct but i still claim belonging to it. Sir Katzu was or still is the clan head.

Belted Family

Sir Chewie Lightguard, who sponsored Sir Misteslaus, who sponsored Sir Dughan.

Notable Accomplishments

  • Created a Knight of the Serpent by the Wetlands CoK at the Joint Coronation of kings Crinos and Margul.
  • Made Lord Dughan in March of 2007 for always being there for his barony when they need him and for being a shining example of the total amtgarder.
  • Made Master Dughan during Duke Luke Wyngards endreign in 2006 at the baccanal celebration of naughtiness.

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Note: Dughan certainly knows how to play that flute. Sean Carlton apparently is skulking and trying not to be seen.