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Baron Dieter Bron von Boneschivinger, of Astral Winds, Dragonspine

”It's a FLAME arrow, not a FLAMING arrow!”



Dieter started out in junior high school playing a game called GOA (games of adventure). It was a very fundamental game of Amtgard with all weapons made out of duct tape, foam, and PVC pipe. it was only played during the short (3 month) summers. One winter he was dragged to Amtgard by a few friends as it was held in a gym in the winter. This being important as it was in Fairbanks, Alaska Way The Hell Up North.

He has played on and off for about 16 years. After joining the Marines, he was fortunate enough to be stationed in San Diego. For a time, he, Arthur, and Milamber all worked on the same flight line.

Dieter, as General of the Blue Falcons, moved back to Fairbanks, Alaska and is currently the Champion of Northreach. He is currently working towards helping the Principality become a kingdom and grow his fighting company.

Affiliated Groups

Current resident of Astral Winds Former resident of Siar Geata

Notable Accomplishments

  • Pulled off the mysterious "Flaming Teabag" maneuver on Lucas The Lost during a battle game.
    • Lucas doesn't appreciate this being listed as a notable accomplishment. Die in a fire.
      • Dieter thinks this is hilarious, how's the toasty balls taste.
  • One of several in a line of cursed pro tem PMs of Siar Geata.
  • GMR of Siar Geata, 2/2010 - 8/'10
  • Baron of Siar Geata, 8/2010 - 1/'11
  • GMR of Siar Geata, 1/2013 - 6/'13
  • Was awarded title of Lord 10/'12
  • GMR of Siar Geata, 7/2013 - 12/'13
  • Awarded title Walker in the Middle 8/'13
  • Regent of Astral Winds, 1/'14 - 7/'14
  • Duke of Astral Winds, 7/'14 - 7/'15
  • Awarded title of Baron 8/'15
  • Northreach Champion, 7/'15 -

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More Information

  • Personal Website
  • Company Website