Dex Terminax

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Dex Terminax Firestrike, of Autumn Grove


The new and improved Dex Terminax Firestrike


Mundane: Started in 2001 with Satyr's Crossing. He FINALLY made his first weapon in 2008. Was Prime Minister in Autumn Grove. Not much else to put here.

Persona: Born as a slave in the mines underneath Death City, Dex has lived a very miserable life. Constantly tortured, forced to work, but also revered as a possible hero amongst the other kitsune held prisoner with him. His spirit guide, Dalamar, empowered Dex with his own magical powers, giving Dex the abilities of the Wizard. He used this power to free himself and the other kitsune, and they escaped to the forest outside Death City. In that forest, Dex learned his heritage and set in motion a plan to stop the Overlord: the being responsible for his people's enslavement. Listen to his bardic at Discord to hear the full story.

Affiliated Groups

Firestrike Clan

Notable Accomplishments

  • 6th Lv Wizard

More Information

  • Has a very interesting back story that you should ask about if you ever see him anywhere near a bardic.
  • Is the great great great nephew of Taver. Yeah. Try to figure that one out.
  • Peanut butter candies make him a very happy fox.
  • Is almost always on XBox Live. His Gamertag is DexTerminax.
  • Is eating genoa salami and smoking a Camel Crush while this is being typed.
  • Random comment!!!!

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