Deryk MacCoill

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Squire Count Deryk MacCoill Karuwhogod of Faila Ranae, Winter's Edge

"In death, truth dawns."


Deryk MacCoill
Home Park Faila Ranae
Kingdom Neverwinter
Year Started 2010
Noble Title Count
Belt Status Man at Arms


Started in September of 2010, at Faila Ranae, Principality of Winter's Edge and quickly became noticed for his A&S pursuits. After having served in various park offices, he moved to North River, Kingdom of Neverwinter in 2012, and continued serving in offices there. Deryk has served as Prime Minister for the Kingdom of Neverwinter. He is a mediocre yet enthusiastic fighter who does consistently better in cultural, rather than combat tourneys. Deryk is belted as Squire to Sir Nocturne of Neverwinter, and was elevated to the title of Count for exceptional service as Neverwinter PM in 2014.

Married to Mararee MacCoill

Recently, Deryk took it upon himself to start a Belted line and informal "Clan" of MacCoills (as a social experiment), those belted to himself and Mararee under their respective titles of Nobility.

Affiliated Groups

Green Lantern Corps Service Household

Clan MacCoill Unofficial Family Household

Belted Family

Clan MacCoill (Belted under Noble Title)

  • Man At Arms Mara Ree MacCoill Hunuwhogod (MaA to Sir Venus Hunuwhogod)
  • Page Lillith MacCoill (Paged to Mara Ree)


Dragon-master of Neverwinter 2014

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