Cyn Ironbottom

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Countess, Captain Cyn Ironbottom, of Bright Forge Emerald Hills

”Well, I can feel my fingers and toes…that’s good. Help me up."




Cyn began as a fighter in Granyte Spyre, in fall 1992. After gaining some fairly decent skills with a polearm dubbed the butter-knife, she became a co-founder along with Sir Lucas Wyngarde, of the Stormwall chapter in November 1993 and later a founding member of the Wetlands. At some point after the founding of Stormwall, Cyn 'acquired' a pirate ship, dubbed it the Aspiration and declared herself captain. Captain Ironbottom, always looking for plunder, sailed her ship and trusty crew to many events within and outside the kingdom, eventually spending some time in the Burning Lands. In 2000, Captain Cyn sailed away over the horizon and was thought lost but returned just in time for the 20 year reunion of Stormwall. Recently the Captain has relocated to the Emerald Hills. Rumor has it she is gathering a crew for new adventures. Captain Cyn was known to have a good time now and then with many notable stories of her exploits floating around like so much flotsam. Some are true but others are probably exaggerated….

Affiliated Groups

Former member of the Order of the White Rose (now House of the White Rose)

Associate of White Tiger Company

Notable Accomplishments

Cyn's greatest claim to fame was suffering and recovering from a pretty bad Amtgard injury in 1995. While fighting a visiting member of Mordengaard on the roof of a battery at Ft. Travis Park, Captain Cyn won, took a step back in surprise (he was very good), and disappeared through a stairway hole. She fell 15 feet, bouncing on her ample backside on the way down (living up to her name), and landed in a few inches of mud and broken ale bottles. She walked away from the accident (literally, but was only upright and conscious for a few minutes). Her ‘little spill’ fractured a vertebrae in her neck and required a long recovery. That night the emergency room got a little taste of Amtgard with a dozen mud soaked and worried players waiting for word on the captain. Cyn was occasionally seen on the battlefield after that but retained the purple sash. Today, she fights again.

Offices and Titles



First Wetlands Regent 1996

Several orders that have been forgotten over the years due to the vices of a pirate captain...

Additional Images


The 1997-98 Crew: (left lower to right lower) Sorren Falx, White Tiger, Captain Cyn, Corwin Blackstone, Dr. Rolin S. Phlogiston, Esq. (Rolin)

Many thanks to Rogan Wulfgar for the art!

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