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Squire Bacon Quoren Strife, the Hamurai, of Nocturnis_II, Celestial Kingdom

"Bacon is love, Bacon is life"

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(RP) As a juvenile boar, minding his own business, foraging for truffles and tubers outside a forgotten delve, Bacon happened upon a party of adventurers who had fought to near death to clear the delve of tough creatures. When they emerged from from the ancient entrance, the party spotted the innocent boar, and took pity on him. The Druid, who thought it would be ab interesting story to tell, put an enchanted strip around Bacon's head. At that instant, sentience and intelligence flooded the poor boar's brain. With this newfound ability, Bacon mumbled sounds that could convey thoughts. That day, Bacon the Hamurai was born. The Anti-Paladin thought it would be funny to train the boar in the ways of Martial Combat, as it was still years away from unlocking its full potential.

(OOC) Bacon and his wife Isadore joined Amtgard in 2014, enjoying the fellowship of it, the crafting aspects, and the tomfoolery that happens at inter-kingdom events.

Affiliated Groups

Saracens - Tribe Latrocene

Belted Family

  • Sir Ian Dracul Kallon

Notable Accomplishments

I make belts and belt accessories, Baronial Senechal from 3/16 to 3/17 of Slaughter Creek

More Information

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