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Kingdom of Northreach

A Duchy of the Kingdom of Northreach, Located in Fairbanks Alaska

Heraldry for the chapter of the Astral Winds

Current Events

Astral Winds will be hosting Solstice War starting on July 27, 2014 in Fairbanks, AK.

The 2016 Solstice Wars was voted a Principality funded event and will be held Memorial Day Weekend.


Northreach's most far-flung chapter was founded in 2000 by Sir GoldCrest. This group is known for their warm hospitality in the cold north and their love of travel. Astral Winds is located in Fairbanks, Alaska. The members of Astral Winds always do a great job of representing their land and Kingdom. In 2004, Emperor Grendel of Iron Mountains awarded them the Order of the Flame for their volunteerism and attitude at Rakis. In 2006, King Redhawk awarded the members in attendance at Piratical Sabbatical II both an Order of the Gryphon and Order of the Rose, again for volunteerism and overall attitude.


Former Residents

Ranked per Orders of Prestige in the Dragonspine Corpora

Active Players as of 4/26/2016 (As appearing on Ork)

Baron Dieter Bron Von Boneschvinger, Walker in the Middle

Baronet Master Squire Atlas



Amara Ironblood


Dame Marquess Astrianna

Dann McNeal

De La Riva




Lady Akira K. Asuna

Lord Master (Mr.) Pockets

Lord Master Wackerthak

Man at Arms Kaida

Master Jagga

Mini Bard

Man at Arms Siggy Rowan


Zerial Trollhorn

Directions and Contacts

We're very proud of our park and it's many accomplishments. As always, All Amtgarders are invited to come to the beautiful land of Alaska. You get up here, we'll make it a point to spoil you rotten.

In the summer we can be found at Growden Park. It is by the Carlson Center on Wilbur St. off of Airport Way. We meet here from 2-6 on Saturdays, but usually have ditching at noon. On Wednesdays from 5-8 we have fighter practices while we are still outside. Around mid to late September through April we are at the U-Park gym (Alaskan winters are cold). This is at 1000 University Avenue right off of Geist Rd. The gym isn't as roomy as the park, but it gives us a place to play. We meet here at 6pm on Saturdays and play until 10. For more information, feel free to visit our Facebook page! Present Officers

An interesting sidenote: Astral Winds plays at Growden park in the summer. As it happens, this park is named in honor of one of Linden's family members.

Neat stuff.

Once a year the Duchy of Astral Winds flies the Monarch of DS up for a visit.

Astral Winds has created it's own supplement to the Rulebook Astral Adventures

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