Arnab Nimr

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Arnab Nimr, of Crimson Wood,Westmarch, Dragonspine

”Before I knew it, I was hooked.”



Character Bio: Arnab Nimr, or Rabbit Tiger, was born to the lower end to a washed up fool and a goose girl at the edge of a large, dark and forboding forbidden forest. She devoted her younger days to exploring the dark depths becmeing a Scout along the way. One day when she was out a pack of Giant Spiders came and ate eveyone in her family including her little brother, Nimr Arnab. Now she is fully devoted to making sure the forest is safe for familys and killing off every type of spider that she sees in a rage that is only matched by a berserking Barbarian.

Player Bio: Krista had been looking for a larp group for a very long time. One day, compleatly by luck, she joined and joined the Crimson Wood Meetup Group. While there she has made many friends and grown the love the combat and game play.

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