Amtgard Whistleblower Policy

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The Circle of Monarchs encourages the protection of victims, whistleblowers, and officers engaging in good faith execution of their duties, and condemns retaliation against them all. Retaliation has a chilling effect on reporting; it creates a hostile environment for these people, and for others considering coming forward or acting in good faith; and it hurts the very people Amtgard's Code of Conduct is designed to protect. Therefore, the Circle of Monarchs establishes that retaliation is a violation of the Code of Conduct's prohibition against creating a hostile environment.

Editor's Note

The Amtgard Whistleblower Policy is maintained and updated by Amtgard International and is included here purely as a reference for Code of Conduct #6. The Amtgard Whistleblower Policy is not a part of the Amtgard Rules of Play, and as such it cannot be modified by the standard Rules Revision Process.

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The policy listed here up-to-date as of October 10, 2021.