Amtgard Publications

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  • 1.) Corpora of Amtgard bylaws – group criteria, Amtgard governmental structure, awards and honors, etc. Important for all groups, essential for medium/large groups. This document also explains the criteria for becoming a knight, Warlord, etc.
  • 3.) Other Publications of note – While not mandatory, these publications are very useful and include Amtgard supplements, such as garb and weapon making, an FAQ list, and the Dor Un Avathar (a monster handbook). These and other publications may be found at AmtgardInc.
  • 4.) Award Standardization Passed by the CoM in 2007, Standardized all of the major Awards so that all Kingdoms are held to the same standards. This standard was published in the Amtgard Rules of Play, v7.5, rendering them effectively immutable.

The rulebook takes precedence over all supplements, manuals and other rules editions or play testing supplements. From time to time there may be official manuals, supplements, or expansions that enhance or compliment the core rule set. While these documents may expand game play options they are still restrained by the core rules and may not contradict them. In the event of a contradiction between the rulebook and any other supplemental materials, the core rulebook always takes precedence.