Amaranth Talmage

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Baroness, Squire Amaranth Talmage, of IronWood Wetlands

”Ironwooders are family”



Amaranth Talmage began in the mythical north land of Drakenfjord, a park that once existed in Huntsville, Texas. It was there she began to hone her skills as an artisan, and when she fled the dying provence, she brought her skills to Ironwood.

In Ironwood, she quickly became a very active member, working hard to bring Amtgard and Ironwood to the public at large with demos at theaters to promote movies, fliers at local establishments, and even working with the city, establishing a partnership that now has Amtgard and Ironwood partners with the City of Conroe.

In 2009, Ironwood adopted the park where they play, Kasmiersky Park, and was brought to the forefront of excellence when she was called to accept an award in the name of the Amtgard Province of Ironwood from the city.

Amaranth Talmage is disabled, and strives to make A&S a strong point in Ironwood, where those like her find a warm and welcoming presence beneath the pavilion where the flurbs reside. In Ironwood, even the stickjocks dabble in A&S, and her park is rich with evidence of such activity.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Sir Dughan was squired to Sir Misteslaus, Who was squired to Sir Chewie Lightguard

Notable Accomplishments

Baroness title in the reign of King Sir Luke Wyngarde

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