Writing Entries

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Entries are judged, where applicable, on form, content, grammar, spelling and usefulness to the body of Amtgard knowledge. The requirements for written entries vary from one corpora to another. Some require a maximum length ("5 pages"), while others require that written entries be submitted to the appropriate person for judging with some advanced notice so judges aren't stuck wading through reams of paper till the wee hours of the morning. Some may have both, and some neither.

  • Factual: Writing that presents factual information such as a process, event or research of some kind. Examples would be weapon smithing instructions, a recounting of an Amtgard event or a history of the Mongols. When presenting researched information, it is a good idea to site references and give credit.
  • Fictional: Writing that is not intended to be factual such as a persona histories and stories.
  • Poetry: Poetic verse.
  • Publications: Published works such as newsletters, books, collections of articles, etc. These entries are judges on the editorial content only, such as presentation, suitability of the collection, format, etc. It is not necessary that the entrant have written every article. However, articles should never be published without the author’s consent and credit should be given. Any work not done by the entrant should be noted.
    • Some corporas do not support Publications.
  • Quest descriptions.
  • Persona History