Wisteria Fortess

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Baronet Reaper Wisteria Fortess, of Terra de Votum, Desert Winds

”Step into my fairy circle, Motherf**ker”



Wisteria began their Amtgard career in June of 2013 in the very early days of Terra De Votum, when it was still a freehold. Wisteria grew to become a walking talking rulebook, a master caster, and a whirlwind of stick skill over their 10+ years in the game. Wisteria is dedicated to the service of the game, serving many years as GMR, Champion, Regent and Monarch for TDV. In 2019, Wisteria, Fabio and Farland created The Masks, a fighting company built to not only challenge The Black Lions, but also on Service, Fighting, and Crafting.

Affiliated Groups

    • One of three Leaders of The Masks
    • Co-founder of House of the Wayward Wayvern
    • Skull and Bones

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

    • Paragon Druid (2018)
    • Paragon Wizard (2020)
    • Paragon Monk (2022)
    • Battlemaster (Reaper) - Crossroads 2023
    • #1 Cock (Winning the Illegal Cockfighting Tournament at Once Upon A Time 2024)

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More Information

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