Wilhelm The Joyous

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Man-At-Arms Wilhelm the Joyous of Wildgard, Kingdom of Rivermoor

  • ”YAH”
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Wilhelm was a demi-god amongst men.

Wilhelm was a generous and charismatic individual with an infectious laugh. He lived a long and fulfilled life in his short years. He brought a feast to Wildgard on many occasions, ensuring that everyone was well fed each visit.

Wilhelm passed away on January 6, 2019 following a sudden illness. He will be greatly missed while he is enjoying his time in Valhalla.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Man-at-arms to Mulds Avicenna by right of nobility.

Notable Accomplishments

  • Consistently donated food
  • Always happy
  • Jumped over a player and accidentally collided family jewels-first with a frozen sword in winter

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