White Moon

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White Moon is a small fighting Company based in the Barony of Madoc's Keep of the Rising Winds. Started by Kavik and Meat (The founding Primarchs)

Their Colors are divided by ranking or position in the Company per chapter.

Currently they only have two chapters, the home chapter being in Madoc's Keep, the second being in Thee Nights Legacy

We are a company devoted to bringing new players into the game and making it fun for them at all times. Teaching basic sword tactics, and helping with casting tips or classes. Just a group of friends and players keeping it more fun less serious.

The main colors are White and Black side colors are Gold Red Blue and Yellow.

The Positions (rankings): Primarch: Leader of the chapter only answers to the two founding members. (Color is Gold)

War master: Player who introduces new members to other members, teaches them the rules and helps them rank up. (Color is Red)

Mournival: A group of four per chapter, who are used to decide promotions, exiles, and other disputes amongst the company, The Primarch has the final say and can help break ties in votes. (Color is Blue)

Battle Brother: A graduated male member of the White Moon. The graduated players are responsible in helping new members find their places and skills, they are welcome at all times to a War Path, and to the White Moon's circle at events. Battle Sister: A graduated female member of the White Moon. Their job is like the battle brothers. (BB and BS Colors are White)

Half Moons: New members, imitates. their task is to improve themselves and hold the name of the company high, they must be invited to the circle and warpaths but are always allowed in the white Moon's camp. (Color is Yellow)

requirements: There are few requirements to join the White Moon, 1. Keep the game fun 2. Always show respect 3. Never turn your back on your fellow Warriors of the Moon 4. Always be willing to help new players.

Garb: The White Moon garb is pretty simple and common, a 50/50 Shirt one side white one side black. The Sleeve on the White half is always black (accept for battle Brothers and battle sisters.) The Black half of the shirt is where the rank color will be represented.

Symbolism: Each Position has a symbol of some sort, Garb is not a requirement to be apart of the Fighting Company. If you do not have garb you must display your symbol on your shield, belt favor or weapon cover (just let the Primarch of your chapter know you will be doing such)

Belt Favors: belt favors can be made in any fashion but should be black and white, with the tips of the cloth colored to your ranking's colors.

Friends to the Moon: A Primarch of any chapter may declare enemies or allies to the Moon.

Allies: Are people who are either close to the chapter but not members, players who are allies are allowed to wear a special Belt favor given by the Primarch of each chapter, that will be normal to the rules of Belt Favors, accept the tips will not be colored and the word Ally will be painted, sewn, drawn or embroidered onto the belt favor for all to see. Allies are allowed to attend any White Moon gathering, be in the circle, and attend War Paths with the company

Enemies: are to targets of the company, someone who has disrespected the company, a member or an ally (or Allie's company) Enemies should not be targeted or harassed but should not be allowed amongst White Moon members, until he or she has redeemed themselves, like allies only the Primarch may say who is and is no longer an enemy. (Always ask the Primarch if your not sure)

War Path: A War Path is when a few members of White Moon travel park to park and either recruit or extend friendships to parks and companies. The Circle: At events where the White Moon is present there will always be a small circle of members, its where the members can wind down, sleep, eat or party when the games of the day are done.

Contact: To start your own chapter of the White Moon or to contact Kavik about any questions email: Kavikthelycanking @hotmail.com or visit the facebook page http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=106386299394823&ref=ts