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Not to be confused with "Warlord", the title granted to those who have achieved Masterhood of the Order of the Warrior.

The game of warlord is similar to Kill Your Killer without all the dead people standing around waiting for someone to die. It can be particularly painful in KYK when you are the first person killed by someone who goes on to win the game.

Like KYK, warlord starts with all the players in a large circle. Unlike KYK, warlord uses a 15 second death count.

When you kill someone in warlord, they become your minion. When they come back to life, they fight for you and with you. Anyone killed by a minion becomes the servant of the killing minions warlord, not the minion directly. Warlord is not a multi-level marketing scheme.

When a warlord dies, all their minions are freed, including people who would have become minions when they returned to life.

The game ends when everyone is in the service of the same warlord.

Variant rules:

  • All minions have the Weak trait, dying to any wound.
  • A warlord may sacrifice a minion to heal themselves. The sacrificed minion immediately dies and returns to life, freed, after the normal count. A warlord may sacrifice a minion that has yet to return to life in their service. This does not affect their death count, they merely come back free rather than as a minion.
  • All minions call out the name of their warlord on a regular basis. This can be only when striking a killing blow, or can be a continuous zombie-calling-for-brains-esque groaning. The later is far more entertaining for the warlord in an Evil Overlord kind of way.