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Vixen, of landless wastelands

”Bite me: you're just jealous I get more pussy than you do!”

Vixens new toy 2.JPG
A skull tongue stud, so she can . . . umm . . . yeah . . .


A stick swinger when the boys used bokken, Vixen quickly rose through the ranks on the basis of her talents not only with the sticks, but as a garber and a supporter. She has driven hundreds of miles just for a 2-hour battle that she wasn't needed for, and more than once has told her Significant Other to "Jam it!" to come hang with the Black Angels. She has a testy relationship with Lance Bakore from time to time, but that never stops them from working together in the field.

Born: Friday the 13th, 1978

Died: Halloween, 2011.

She would have laughed at this, and found it to be fitting.