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From left to right (top row): Tristan Tantalus, Electra, Iceblink, Crone

From Left to right (bottom row): Elghinn, Mathanial, Tarantio Dace, Shadow McBlackdark

By 2020 almost all members of the UNIT are inactive…


We are a band of brothers and sisters in and out of the game, we help and support each other. We are also fighters in the game. We consider each other all equal. We share many different perspectives on different subjects, and in general we usually can be found ditching, drinking, and yelling out UNIT!!!!!

A heavy focus on teaching and growing together in fighting and all aspects of Amtgard is present within the UNIT, we encourage and constantly help each other to grow.

There is no joining the UNIT. You're either UNIT or you're not.

Member List:


Formed in 2008, over an instant messaging conversation between Iceblink and Tristan. Since then the UNIT has begun to make its mark upon Canadian Amtgard, one event at a time.

  • The Household is formed by Tristan Tantalus and Iceblink.
  • Tarantio Dace joins over the internet.
  • Mathanial joins at Wolvenfang Midreign.
  • Elghinn joins at Tribal Rivals 2008.
  • Shadow McBlackdark joins at Raven's Call 2008.
  • Crone joins at Raven's Call 2008.
  • Won Ladies Favour tournament at Raven's Call 2008 for Killbot.
  • Electra joins at Yule 2008.
  • Big Bird joins as an honorary member when Tarantio Dace brought him back from the Dominican Republic as a refugee in Jan 2009.

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