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Lord, Troyes, of Dragon's Spyre Desert Winds

”Why, I'm Troyes!”



Troyes started out as Brother Beowulf. A founding member of The Company of Strangers & wielder of The Death Stick. In the real world, he's married to Sheila and the father of little Cerridwyn.

Affiliated Groups

The Company of Strangers


Guildmaster of Reeves, February 2003 - July 2003
Guildmaster of Warriors, August 2001 - February 2002
Jester/Fool, August 2001 - February 2002
Weapon's Master/Champion, August 2001 - February 2002
GuildMaster of Reeves, February 2000 - February 2001

Notable Accomplishments

Master Warrior - Given by Duffer Cole, January, 2014
Lord - Given by Nicholas and Sorcha, Baron & Baroness, February 2003

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