The Peasants are Revolting!

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A battlegame for smaller parks, although any size may play.

First, take a head count and divide by four. Then pick two captains.

Each captain picks team mates until each side has one-quarter of the players. The two captains then determine who will be Royals and who will be peasants (flip a coin, paper/rock/scissors, etc). The winner becomes the Royals, and heads off to gear up. The loser gets the other half of the fighters not picked, and they go gear up to be peasants.

The Royals

The Royals may use armour, whatever class abilities they have, and have their normal number of lives. They are the "defenders" in this game.

The Peasants

As per the Rulebook, the peasants have 4 lives and may only fight with dagger/short. Only the captain may retain his class abilities (leading the revolt).

Starting the game

Each team goes to a base. The peasants start the game by yelling "The peasants are revolting!" The Royals must yell back "They stink on ice!" The goal is to either quell the revolt or over-throw your oppressors.

A twist

If the reeve choses to, giving the royals a flag to guard (kind of a one-sided "Capture The Flag" scenario) is permitted. The peasants must capture the flag and hold it at their base for a set amount of time (usually 5 minutes) to get the victory.