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The Legion

”Death Rides Upon Our Wings”

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The Legion was born in late 2013, as a collaboration to fill the gap seen by it's first members, as no other company had 100% of what the creators were looking for in a company.

The company itself has a fairly rigid structure, with a council of Praetors who guide the company as a moral compass, and two generals who handle the day-to-day business of running the company.

In The Legion members are at one of two levels, either Initiate (Fledgling) or Full Member (Legionnaire) - Regardless of a member's status, everyone has a voice and a vote. The only differentiation between the two levels of membership are the colors they wear and the level of freedom they are granted. Fledglings are watches and mentored, to ensure that they are representing the company well.

Legionnaires are expected to represent the company at all times, in the colors or out, and ensure that they obey the oaths they swore when they were granted their Colors (the term used for a member moving from Initiate or Fledgling, to a full member or Legionnaire.


As a company, The Legion has a very planned camp, which involves assigning certain responsibilities to a camp quartermaster who oversees communal areas and camp meals, as well as ensuring that all members have tent space and that everyone pitches in.

As many of the members are former military or some other sort of martial discipline, the company employs the mindset of "If everyone moves an inch, we all go a mile" and "Leave things better than you found them."


The Legion does not, as a company, consider fighting to be the end-all-be-all of being a company. They recognize the value of it, and encourage those who wish to do so, to better themselves, but it is not considered a prerequisite to existing, either as a company, or as a member.

When possible, they do attempt to fight as a team, though are far more focused on having fun, than on 'winning'.


Players applying to The Legion are required to find 20% of the company's active members willing to sponsor them, as well as a Sponsoring Officer, in order to be considered. once they have attained that, the prospect is removed from the meeting, along with all other non-company attendees, and a discussion is held. If there are any objections, then a vote is cast, and if the prospect passes, then they are made a Fledgling.

The Sponsoring Officer is then the new Fledgling's Mentor, and remains such for a month minimum. After a month, the Fledgling may be assigned to another member who is better suited to their personality, geographic location, or goals, for their remaining time as an Initiate.

Once a prospect is named an Initiate, they are assigned tasks designed to help them establish themselves in the company, and in the game itself. After Six months of mentor-ship, an Initiate is voted on by the active members of the company, and based on that vote, is either given more tasks as outlined by the vote, or is granted their Full Colors.

Company Meetings

Unlike the vast majority of companies, all guests are welcome to sit in on Legion meetings at Kingdom and Inter-Kingdom events. Any topics brought up are welcome to be discussed by all present, regardless of company affiliation, providing that all parties are respectful.

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