Temeer l'ombra

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Temeer l'ombra or hamco, of Skystone, Desert Winds

”Look out for the goblin”



Temeer was born in 33 A.D. in one of the persia's capitals susa and is the son of the sultan and one of his concubines he was born the time when persia and the romans where fighting for peace but his father did his best to keep temeer in the dark of the condition of the country the sultan taught temeer the political aspects but temeer was more of a child for battle and reclaiming lands the romans where moving in on so in 43 A.D. he left persia and joined the Roman army as an auxilliery when he was fifteen and helped emperor nero keep his borders secure from the constant attack by the diffrent tribes later on gaining the emperors trust and in 58 bc was made one of his praetorian guards but this friendship soon died when temeer returned of a brief time to the middle east where he came upon a mask that gave him the power to turn into fire with this mask he was given a replenishing tonic that always refilled when it was empty he would have to say hamco and this is also why he is called hamco well anyway he returned to rome in 68 on the ides of march and came to found out that nero had ordered his best friend to become one of his heirums temeer ordered all the other gaurds to meet with him and they planed that on juno ix lxviii when the emperor went for wine him and the other guards stabbed him to death his bladed being the last to pierce nero's heart when the emerged from the palace they where welcomed as heros and as enemies 50 legionares tryed to capture them all but temeer in a last moment placed the mask on and killed all of them and with his fellow guard escaped to a ship while temeer lite all sea ready boats on fire then he drank the tonic and they all escaped to persia when he returned though and found his mother she had told him that his father had died a year ago

Invited at the fair, started the Saturday after 2011

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House of the brother hood

Belted Family


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working the fair by himself

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