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Called Euric to ask about current history and activity. --Linden 15:50, 10 August 2008 (EDT)

So if no one else sent this, here you go. IF we did, this can augment or refute. Call if questions 916-412-3746

Chapter Questions Are you active? YES

What is your average number of players locally per week? 50 (based on last 12 months)

What days and times do you meet? Park day: Sundays Fair Oaks Park, Fair Oaks, CA FP: Tuesdays Fair Oaks Park, Fair Oaks, CA FP: Wednesday Placerville, CA FP: Thursdays Carmichael Park, Carmichael, CA A&S: Wednesdays @ Great Escape Games, Sacramento, CA

What park do you meet in, city and state? Fair Oaks Park, Fair Oaks, CA Can you give directions or a physical address? Fair Oaks Park, 8000 Temple Park Road, Fair Oaks, CA 95628 North east courner of Fair Oaks and Madison Ave

Who is your leadership? Duke: Zoticus da Bear-Bear Regent: Sid PM: Etah Champ: Leper GMR: Jace BoD Prez Sir Euric Bloodstone

Can we have and post their contact information? Ask them but Current on ORK

What is your heraldry? 3 spread silver hammers on blue in a dimond of gold lightnig bolts (current on WIKI)

Do you have a jpeg or other image file we can upload to the wiki? (already there)

Have you taken a recent group photo of your chapter? Yes

Can we have a copy? Yes

Do you have an example of your chapter's heraldry in use, as a favor, garb, banner, or similar? Yes

When was your chapter founded? By whom? Falcon's reach founded 2003 by Dame Alanthis and others In late 2009 changed to Thor's Refuge by Sir Euric+ family, Torbjorn, MacAbees, Porkins+ family, and few others.

Do you have traditions or games that you would say define your chapter? none I can think of

Do you have an active forum, facebook groups, or mailing list? Can you give us links? (Thors Refuge on FaceBook):!/profile.php? ... 1736431347

Have you had any news organizations do any pieces on your chapter in the last two years? Yes, paper and TV

What have you been doing to attract new players? -Talking to all that will listen -handing out BCs -Our new park is very active, so we go and talk to those watching us and invite them to join -Demos at JCs, Fairs, and kiddie b-day party entertainment.

Has anything happened in the last year that you would like included in your history? -We became a Duchy in May 2011 -We co-hosted the first Flurbtastic with other Westmarch Duchy Crimson Wood -We were identified by the Circle of Monarchs at Clan 2011 to be the mostlikely land in Westmarch to meet the goal of 75 once per month while setting up for the Westmarch Kingdom bid at Clan 2012