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Saints Grouping

Why is Saint directed here? The Saints from the Emerald Hills may be knights, but it's unrelated to their canonization

That's my fault. I did that because when I was knighted I took the title Saint as opposed to Sir as I have a religious persona. I honestly didn't know that there were other saints in the game. I'll fix this soon. -O'Banion


"Sirrah" is not an alternate title for "sir." It is a derogatory term. It's bad enough we have retards making up words like "syr" and "ser", but try not to make Amtgard look any more retarded than necessary in your quest to make yourself feel special.

Cite of sources: Webster's Dictionary: Formerly a contemptuous term of address to an inferior man or boy; often used in anger. Cambridge Dictionary: a form of address that shows no respect, used to a man

While there are no doubt erroneous on-line dictionaries that mistakenly list it as an alternative to "sir", that is not a correct usage. The standards for defining the English language all agree: Sirrah is an insult.

It doesn't matter what the sources say. Many Amtgard knights use Sirrah, so whether or not it is historically or factually incorrect to do so in the real world, the Amtwiki should cite the Amtgard usage above all other things. We are not a group that requires things like being period. --Lurker 03:15, 5 January 2010 (UTC)
We should tell both sides in our informative documents rather than just insulting the people who read this page. The current wording on this page is neither polite nor informative and we should be holding ourselves to higher standards. As it currently stands, the only thing "infantile" is the way we are presenting ourselves with this page which comes across as petty. Could someone who has access to edit this page please do so explaining the use of the word sirrah in a neutral and informative way please? I suggest changing the footnote to, "Controversy exists concerning the use of the term "Sirrah" as multiple dictionary sources site it as an archaic term used to show contempt, especially to one's inferiors. However, many knights use "Sirrah" as an honorific, modifying the historical usage of the word to a contronym within the culture of Amtgard, making it hold connotations of respect." --Casca 9 March, 2014